The Kerr Project was developed as a result of federal assimilation policies implemented on the Flathead Indian Reservation from 1908-1934

  1. Allotting of the land
  2. Creation of the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project (irrigation and power)
  3. Development of power sites by non-Indian business entities

Applications are filed for licenses to develop five power sites on the Flathead River within the Flathead Reservation


The Federal Power Commission issued the first 50-year license to the Rocky Mountain Power Company for the Kerr Dam site.


Rocky Mountain Power Company transferred its interest in the License to  Montana Power Company. Kerr Dam began producing power.


CSKT filed a competing application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for relicensure of Kerr


The first license expired and FERC issued a series of one-vear licenses to MPC


The Tribes successfully negotiate co-licensee status with the MPC and the option to acquire Kerr as the sole owner in 2015. New License issued to MPC and CSKT for a 50-year term through 2035


PPL Montana acquires Kerr from MPC and FERC transfers MPC’s License interest to PPLM


Northwest Energy acquires Kerr from PPM and FERC transfers PPLM’s License interest to NWE


CSKT exercises its exclusive and unilateral right to acquire Kerr through Energy Keepers Inc. and proceed to change the name to Se̓liš Ksanka Ql̓ispe̓ Dam


EKI/CSKT acquired Salish Kootenai Dam

For the first time in 80 years, we have control of one of our major resources, Flathead Lake and the Lower Flathead River.

We have created over 30 well-paying jobs and continue to grow our team. Many of those jobs are filled with skilled and trained Tribal Members.

Through EKI as a Section 17 Corp, CSKT will realize all of the economic benefit of the facility.