Due to dry conditions, as was the case in 2023, EKI has again coordinated with the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers to operate Flathead Lake up to 2885′ in order to increase the likelihood of Flathead
Lake refilling into the top foot in June with minimal impacts to flood risk. Under normal conditions flood
risk management requires Flathead Lake being drafted as low as reasonably possible on April 15th. 

Both weather and streamflows are highly uncertain. A warm and rainy event can rapidly increase
streamflows in the spring, and similarly a cold and dry event can keep the streamflows quite low
compared to normal. Temperatures, precipitation, and snowpack conditions such as density, all play a
part in determining how high or low stream flows move as well as the timing of the runoff.  If an early
runoff is detected, EKI will coordinate additional flood risk management deviations with the USACE as
needed to refill the lake.

SKQ project outflows and the Flathead Lake elevation are dependent on many variables including lake
inflows, weather, the demand for electricity, and non-power constraints such as the downstream fishery
and flood risk management needs.